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Shopping 🛍 (updated)

Updated: May 29, 2023

Shopping shopping shopping......there's so many good reasons why shopping is called retail therapy! If it doesn’t work....only means you haven’t bought enough or not what you’re truly looking for 🤣

Honestly....2 places I shop the most are Amazon and Target because I run a household with 2 kids.....I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping.

Clothing.....I have pieces from H&M, Zara, BCBG, forever 21, St.John, Burberry, Retrofete, Rachel Zoe......I actually do shop anywhere everywhere! Is not about the brand so much, to me is more about the quality and style.

I’m Chinese.... so bargaining is almost in my DNA 😅. High-end pieces I usually buy when it's on sale except for items I really want when I’m traveling and I know I won’t be able to get them anywhere else. I often buy stuff unconsciously calculating in the back of my head what goes with what or what’s missing on certain outfits, is like my most natural thing to do like a lot of girls out there after dressing ourselves for decades.

I think we all love to buy things when we travel, to me that’s my souvenir. Don‘t you love when people ask you where you buy certain things, and your answers would be Paris, London, Milan, or Hongkong? 😅 I am the same way.

One thing makes me happy is when I find something I really love at a discounted price! 🤣 I do love outlet malls and my favorite store locally is Marshalls and HomeGoods! I would tell my husband how much I saved today VS how much I spend today because is on sale and I’m going to get it either way so $1 saved is $1 earned! 😅👍

Off-season shopping is another great way to save money. Sometimes black Friday or Christmas sale is overrated. I feel like the biggest sale is after the holidays during January and February. Ladies if you don’t have Rakuten you’re missing out on online shopping, is an online retail rebate website you absolutely need to have because we all shop online.


DO not buy things just because is good deal, if it doesn’t DOES NOT matter especially when it comes to shoe ! I love shoes but I love myself more.....platform is the key! I have danced all night on my 4.5-inch platform shoes from Vegas to Lake Como. Sometimes I look at some ladies with 3-5 inch thin heels without platforms, I can feel their pain! 🥴

I honestly don’t spend as much as people think I spend when it comes to clothing because I’m sensible and patient enough to wait for a sale and eventually most items will end up in the sale section. 🤷‍♀️ I’ve worked at high-end retail during my college days mostly for discounts. 😂 , so I do know a thing or two about sales. I do have some pieces in my closet that still have a tag on it, but like most of my outfits, they will come to good use sooner or later. Stock enough for special event or trips coming up so I never need to do last min shopping often times you end up with disappointment or overspending. My husband in the other hand.....buys things last min like a tuxedo or suits at a full retail price with limited options. 🙄 😕

We all love bags, right? 🥰 I especially love anything that holds its value, but I hate playing the game. 🙄.....I get it, you want to sell it to the right person, not someone who’s trying to flip and make quick $. Prime ex Hermès Paris, I’ve used my passport and my husband’s passport to try to make appointments like 6 times and can’t buy any types of bags without an appointment 😒 and that’s in May, 2022.......I feel like when you’re making a big purchase, you need to be treated like a decent client.....not waiting outside then inside, then pushed to buy certain things you don’t want or need in order to get certain pieces you really want 😒......that applies to car, watches, and yes bags too.....I would never buy a 5k trash can or a 8k rug just so I can get a bag, I’m just too sensible or too poor to shop like that 😂

Nevertheless, I still like what I like and not completely a nun yet 🤪......I was looking forward to do last stop shopping in CDG. Shopping at airport is way easier and less competitive, but stock are more restricted and accounts are not recorded(Hermes). I end up got a Hermès kelly wallet togo.....I did purchase a throw blanket, belt, then asked for a small bag which is what I really want.....she showed me 2 and I did not like and last one she showed me was the kelly wallet togo, I fell in love instantly.

I refuse to carry any big bags now my kids are older. If we’re going to walk 5-10 miles in a city I prefer jacket pockets and avoid any sort of bag, life is just easier that way. My thing now is small crossbody bags that fit my essentials so I can hold my girl's hand 😊. How did I get so lucky when it comes to the kelly wallet togo? Maybe is because I purchased something else before asking for any bags, or because of my red la Première boarding pass holder which I "accidentally" showed off?! 😂 🤷‍♀️


Street shopping/Bargaining

I love street shopping overseas especially random stores in China! I don’t recommend designer items because it cost a lot more due to import tax, that’s why when you see Chinese shopping overseas is like Target or Costcos to them😅🤦‍♀️🙈... Instead do go for the local designer brands. Since almost everything is made in China, you’d be surprised what you might find in private boutiques. I’ve found amazing silk pleated Stella McCarthey top at a random store in China and it cost like nothing. Since I’ve been in the fashion industry, I know a lot of productions did not meet certain brand standard and got left behind....or simply over production, and naturally they end up in the streets of China. 😍

Some stores you can and you have to do some bargaining, it is the most exciting/exhausting psychological game ever.....🤣. I’ve seen my mom bought a coat for 200rmb from original asking 2500rmb, it was purely entertainment and jaw dropping. 😅 unfortunately, I don’t have that type of talent but I can still get what I want for less than retail. Some techniques

1. Hide your desperation/emotions 🤣

2. Pretend to walk away

3. more you buy, more bargaining power

4. pretend you’re local, potential return customer

5. don’t forget to thank me later 😆

I love small boutique in Europe too! You know you won't ran into people with the same clothing. Do ask for tax free forms or do it in app because some merchants only offers when you ask 🤷‍♀️.


必需吐槽一下现在的Luxury Retail体验....

各人觉得当你消费$$$, 体验应该是享受的过程应该是美好的...而不是等待排队进去后再等待(何必呢!?), 提前预约而且还约不到...约不到还不让你买包 (Hermes), 想要的又没货......有货的还不给买....&@#%^€>}¥£

我相信我老公应该非常庆幸我一点💩都不给(doesn’t give a shit 😂), 配货,排队, 吹捧sales 更不可能! 🙄



期待回去后跟朋友们法式英式中式下午茶 😋 🍵😊



-Quality over quantity

-Save your fav pieces and get notified when it goes on sale.

-Use online rebate (Rakuten)

-Outlet malls especially during holiday sales.

-Avoid last min shopping needs, plan ahead

- Airport shopping is great, price is already reduced and no need to do VAT. -France VAT 12%

-Italy 17%

-London 0% because government terminated, not sure if is temporary or permanent. 😔


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