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Disney World

Disney World is sort of a must-go place if you have kids right? Absolutely! And you can’t wait too long because they won’t believe in the magic anymore.

We’ve done both Disney World and Disneyland many times throughout the years with 3 kids. I DO NOT recommend going there in the summer or holidays simply because is way too hot and crowded during high peak seasons especially in FL. Long lines can take away the fun, in my opinion 2-3hr wait time for a 5m or shorter ride is simply not worth the wait.

One of my favorite trips was the week before Thanksgiving because the wait time was significantly shorter and much more pleasant weather. Christmas decorations were on full display already!

Genie Pass

Genie pass is a MUST buy, you already spend a good amount of money into your trip so why not spend that ex $25/ticket, it can save you hrs of wait time! BUT you have to use it correctly! Some of the top rides are not included in the genie pass are World's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, TRON Lightcycle/Run, Avatar Flight of Passage, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance…..BUT you can buy lighting land for each ride which I thought was almost like cheating but is still worth it!

Genie+ is ONLY available for purchase when the clock strikes midnight on the day of your visit. The earliest time to use the genie pass is 7 am or later! We were lucky enough to use the genie pass for at least 6 times which is pretty incredible considering average use is 2-3 times a day 🤷‍♀️. You CANNOT book a new appointment until you’ve done your last genie pass attraction or wait 2hrs whichever comes first. So the key is to go ahead and make a new appointment for the next ride right after you get off the attraction.

Bringing a stroller or backpack is a must! A stroller is great for carrying everything you need throughout the day, bring some light jackets for kids, water bottles and some snacks is always a good idea! Water refill station is available BUT really limited and can be hard to find. Micky mouse hat is almost a must-have item when you're visiting Disney, buy ahead of time if you don’t want to spend $30+ for each piece. (I totally did and forgot to pack them 🤦‍♀️)

Do use the My Disney Experience app, and the map is essential to navigate the park. Comfy shoes and be prepared to walk at least 5 miles if you’re planning a full day inside Magic Kingdom. Make your restaurant reservation ahead of time!

Some of my fav rides are Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain in Magic Kingdom. I would skip the character meet and greet and go straight to the buffet dinning with character appearances.


Plenty of hotel options around Disney. If you have small kids is best to stay in the resort because you have early access to the park and shorter distances to commute. At the end of the night or afternoon break, you just want to get to your room ASAP. Shuttles or monorails are convenient around the park.

We really enjoyed our stay at the animal lodge. Disney does a really good job on making you feel like you’re actually living in the African safari. We had breakfast at Sanaa, kids loved seeing the exotic animals roaming around.

When it comes to Disney planning, always plan ahead for the best rates, avoiding holidays and summer months is the key! You will be exhausted at the end of the day, so staying close to the park is highly recommended. Food can be expensive inside the resort but you can always Uber eat or doordash your meals. I do not recommend park hopping because getting in and out of each park take too much time and energy, 1 park/day is more ideal, enjoy your Disney trip!

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