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Paris 🇫🇷

Updated: May 31, 2022

Oh Paris....seems like every girl Wants to visit. My first experience of Paris in 2007? was not so positive....I was studying aboard in London for Fashion and Ofcoz I had to visit Paris which was only about 2 hrs away with Eurostar. First thing I saw off the train station was a guy peeing on the street across from me, 😓.....and me being a fashion student I had to wear my 4 inch heel in Paris(bad idea!) and was absolutely shocked when I find out the only way up to Arc de Triomphe was by stairs at least your handicapped. Me being sneaky little Asian girl that I am 🤪.....convinced my roommate to fake as cripple, and we actually did it! She probably wanted to kill me after she find out she has to fake the entire time up there so we can get down same way and not get judged by the security 😂

There I was, on top of Arc and saw something hideous stick out of sky and I was like “shxx, that’s the Eiffel Tower?!” 😲

but Eiffel Tower was absolutely stunning at nighttime when it sparkles the first 5 min of each hour until 1am.

Above experience was about 15 years ago around 2007 when I was much younger and traveling in Europe by myself which I do not recommend because I realized I almost got taken after watching ”Taken” yrs later....😬😬😬

Been back a few times now....I truly feel like I fall in love with Paris a little more each time I visit. Is the different architectural designs, shopping, beautiful bridges and museums..... I love Palais Garnie (Paris Opera) and everything inside! Cant believe I’ve never been inside until May 2022......The great hall literally took my breath away for 2 second and it truly feels like Sistine Chapel had a baby with the Hall of Mirrors from Versailles! Hands down one of my fav spots in the city! Versailles is only about an hr away from Paris and totally worth the trip, do rent a golf cart because it is so much fun and the gardens are huge!

Janine: OMG.....I am obsessed with all those details, mirrors, paintings....IT IS so stunning!

Birdie: All I see is prime real estate...🤔

Janine: 🙄.....


Tip: Dress low key as possible, small cross bag and comfortable shoes only! Sometimes backpacks could be dangerous because you can’t protect and feel them when is behind you....Pickpockets are present in every major European smart and have common sense.

-Restaurants open late(7pm) except brasseries, retails close early(5-7pm)

-I would book nice restaurants for lunch and do light dinner, lunch is usually cheaper and easier to book. Recommendation: Guy Savoy (3 Michelin star)

-I have a bladder of a pea size, 🥴....but I can always find my way to a 🚽......walk into any 5 star hotel and act like you’re a guest and there’s always a restroom close by the lobby, most of the time downstairs or around the corner. 😉 I’ve only tried this like 115 times especially when I was 7 months pregnant. 🤰

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