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Saint James Paris 🇫🇷

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Saint James is for sure one of my favorite hotels around the world. I've always wanted to stay in a chateau style boutique hotel and Saint Jamea is exactly what I was wishing for. 🥰 I love the layout, Lobby, staircases, marbles, library bar, all the little details around the property. I felt like Mrs.Bond for a min and all the staff was really friendly and must paid very well because usually French are usually pretty......🥴😬🤐

Double door entry to the room, full sound insulation, Guarlain toiletries, and a steamer for your cloth, how thoughtful!

Saint James was renovated summer 2021 and because of covid everything still seems new and clean. Guarlain Spa

I am a total spa junkie! Throw me in the spa and I can literally spend a whole day swimming, steaming and baking myself in the suana.

Located in the basement, all Guarlain products, soothing music was played and I did enjoy my 60 min massage very much.

Love there's a opening above the pool to let in natural sunlight. Steam rooms is now call hammam in Europe.

Restaurant Elegant, bright, tall ceiling and leave it to me to match the wall papers. 😁

According to my professional alcoholic husband...the extensive wine menu is pretty impressive, some with very reasonably priced bottles🍷. We only tried breakfast because dinner reservations were full and ww made other plans too.

Library Bar

Pretty sure this place use to be a private residence because the bar was clearly once upon a time a library. The bar tender was very personable and make some of the most creative drinks I’ve ever had. They even had Maotai 茅台! Made me a drink with some of my favorite bean and chocolate, maotai and something else but totally delicious! Usually my go to drink is old fashion, which was pretty good here too.

my favorite part of the property is probably the staircases, OMG.....the French definitely had a thing for mirrors (Hall of mirrors Versailles ). The property even offers bicycles which I totally took advantage of so I can go chocolate shopping nearby. BEWARE of Paris traffic, I was little scared the first 5 min for my dear little life but it got so much fun after I figured out my way around Paris traffic and no one really wanted to kill me. 😊

Tip: If you really want to enjoy a hotel, book min 2 night stay please! Amex platinum offers great amenity when booking fine hotels throughout the world. -Book dinner and spa reservations in advance.

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Birdie Yang
Birdie Yang
Jul 18, 2022

One of the best hotel I have ever stay in

Janine Lu
Janine Lu
Jul 23, 2022
Replying to

For sure!

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