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New York 🇺🇸

Updated: Jun 7, 2022 almost the capital city of the world at some point, right? I have a love and hate relationship with NYC. I’ve visited like 120 times but never lived there. I do love the energy, concrete jungle, all the amazing restaurants, mix of people, and the lights do inspire you! The best nightlight city ever!

Now the negative side.....old, dirty, and unsafe subway 😞 😰......constant construction all over the city, terrible traffic, trash pilled up everywhere, rats and cockroaches rule the city, but then again there’s nowhere quite like NYC. NYC is made up of all the positives and the negatives. Nevertheless, I do find myself missing NYC if I haven’t been in a while 🤷‍♀️

I consider the Natural history museum and MET 🇺🇸 national treasures, absolutely need to visit if you haven’t. Central Park obviously is an urban oasis In Manhattan. Soo many cool little places in Manhattan which I can’t recommend because you never know if they’re going to stick around. Grand central station is almost a destination even if you’re not a passenger because of its architectural design and very cool to just walk through it.

Chinatown is semi worth visiting before it completely turns into a tourist town. If you really want a “ChinaTown” experience go to flushing, Queen or 8 Ave (58st) Brooklyn where the WHOLE street is 98% Chinese......makes me feel like back in China 20 yrs ago.....NOTHING like China 🇨🇳 today because it is FAR more advanced and cleaner than Chinese communities in NYC. Bring cash if you do visit because A lot of them only take cash but food are inexpensive compare to Manhattan.

The ferry is a great way to see Manhattan! The Vessel at Hudson yard is probably one of my favorite artistic structures in the country.

(They had to close it down so people would stop jumping off😔.....hopefully that would change)

Avoid going anywhere during high traffic times. Walking is sometimes faster than cars. Uber or taxi is easier and faster than driving mainly due to parking. I love walking around the city and check out random stores. I hope NYC will get the homeless people situated/helped, clean up/update the subway, and no more Asian hate crimes. I wish all of those issues will get resolved quickly and let NYC return to its former glory. I have faith in NYC 🍎🤞

Some of my fav restaurants in NYC

-Uluh 葫芦for modern Chinese

-Shanghai Cafe上海喬家柵 for Chinese soup dumplings. 100 Mott St. 上海小笼包

-Park Asia 翠园(Brooklyn) for dim sum

-Chef Table for Michelin restaurants.

-农家饭庄 (Happy garden palace)

54 E Broadway, authentic hole in the wall restaurant in Chinatown! cash only 😆

-Bar 65 (65th fl) on top of Rockefeller building.


-visiting the Statue of Liberty 🗽 is a pain because of the boat ride, long lines, and high-security measures. It is honestly better from a distance.

-Aska....Worst Michelin restaurant experience, not sure if we’re just visited during an off day for the main chef but all the foods were mediocre and nothing stands out.

-HuTong NY 胡同,excellent venue and top notch service but food is SOSO

-Don’t spend money to visit the top of any building, but instead visit some of the top and best rooftop bars, Very similar views, and much shorter lines, just buy a drink or a few, ex: Bar 65🤗

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Sun Jaden
Sun Jaden
Jul 18, 2022

Also, I'll take note of the restaurants you've marked😋


Sun Jaden
Sun Jaden
Jul 18, 2022

New York brings together the arts, business, sports, religion, entertainment and finance, bringing together gladiators, evangelical ministers, patrons, actors, stock market bulls and businessmen of all stripes.

The city is characterized by its unique zeitgeist, so no matter where you sit in New York, you will get a sense of the Great Ages, and some of the strange people and events and accomplishments reached.

Janine Lu
Janine Lu
Jul 23, 2022
Replying to

Did you use Google translate?! 🤦‍♀️

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