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London 🇬🇧

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I feel more comfortable in London because well.....I can finally speak and understand everyone! 😊 😂 You have to visit a bar or 3, try a beer or 5 😆 because London does have some of the best 🍺! One thing London does not lack....BARs! Almost every street corner......🍻 Surprisingly beer doesn’t need to be super chilled or bubbly to be delicious, no wonder the British can drink like an endless bucket 😅

I study abroad in London for a semester back in 2008 (Fashion Design & Marketing).....seems like London is more crowded in 2022. Officially a tourist this time around. 🇬🇧



Food in London isn’t that exciting, but if you’re a sandwich person you should be in heaven 😆 and chips(fries) are good......I mean whats not good when’s deep-fried?! 😬

My husband ofcoz visited his 125th watch store🙄...again for me, is 💧 + 🚽 stop 😅... if you’re a watch lover, DO NOT 🙅🏻‍♀️ wear your nice watches in London unless you have a bodyguard, you might be followed and potentially robbed 😰. We were warned by one of the watch store(Patek Philippe) staff who was nice enough to show us like 10 watches that are not available to purchase.....we’re too broke to buy anyway...😅😆😂....appointment is required to visit the PP Hermès...🙄

I did have my shopping spree.....for tea and chocolate, 😋 I was surprised to learn how much the British loved tea! 😍 Love the fact they influse tea with florals and herbs Which made it more exciting.

London isn’t much of a local food city, BUT it does have fantastic Indian foods! India was once a British colony for almost a century, no wonder most Indians can speak English despite its geographic location in Asia 🤷‍♀️. Zaika was recommended by a British fellow, food did not disappoint....appetizers were tastier than the main entree. What surprise me is Min Jiang, located on top of the Royal Garden Hotel. It was a legitimate high end Chinese dim sum Restaurant. 😋......we Asians can’t go long without Asian food 😂 , I was dying for some Chinese food after 2 weeks of foie gras and cheese in France 🇫🇷 😨😵

The view was amazing, especially after 2 hrs on Eurostar....which I highly recommend, is only about a 2hr train ride to Paris, You go through an oceanic tunnel....again I wish we have high-speed trains here in the US 😐 😞

I do have to recommend the dining hall from Harrods. Consists of 6 specialty dining options like Italian, sushi, seafood, Indian, and Ofcoz fish and chips! It was super crunchy and good quality fish 😋, sauce was the best! Don’t forget to check out the tea, chocolate, and pasty selections in the food hall, great coffee too! ☕️ I could shop and dine in there all day! Harrods is owned by Qatar Holding, so yes London is quite influenced by the Middle East.

If you’re a car lover like my 🍌 husband, you’re in for a treat. Supercars can be heard and seen in high end neighborhoods like Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Kensington. The mega-wealthy from the Middle East love to visit London and show off their supercars. 🤑 I’m sure the cooler climate and shopping don’t hurt either. Luxury boutiques are filled with Arabs women, and plenty of halal and middle eastern restaurants.

I do have to brag about Chinatown London. It is the most centrally located Chinatown I’ve been to, right behind Piccadilly Circus (Time square of London). Is small but not lack of energy and plenty of dinning options. I was really pleased to find a excellent restaurant from my hometown(Fuzhou) call sha-xian delicacies( 沙县).

(Sorry Max, London does not have the best Chinese food but it is pretty legit)

Kensington palace needs a major renovation in my opinion. The gate was more attractive than the palace.....😐😬🤐. London does has some of the best museums, and most of them are free! 😊.

Some of my favs are

-British Museum......everything! my fav is the mummy and coffin of Cleopatra 😬😆

-National Gallery.....I love painting so I am a little obsessed with all the portraits and paintings 🧑‍🎨 🖼

-Victoria and Albert museum......more fashion and design-focused.

-Natural History Museum....more family friendly. 😊

This is not London related but if you want to visit Stonehenge....about 2 hrs away, I DO NOT recommend it 😂 🤦‍♀️ because is literally pieces of big stones scattered around. The actual stone is much smaller than what I was expecting. For some crazy reason, I always thought Stonehenge is next to a magnificent coastline.....instead it is surround by grass and 🐑 🐑 🐑....imagine my disappointment 😬. My last visit to Stonehenge was 2008 and I don’t think anything has changed since then for the stones 🤪.

To all the Harry Potter fans out there.....harry potter store inside King’s Crossing has an insane line......I give up the idea of going in and get a souvenir for my kid. I'd say the line is about 45min?! 😓


-Museums (free!) 😊

-BARS + good 🍺

-Excellent Indian and halal food

-people and car watching $$$



-Don’t wear nice watches

-expensive £££

-No more shopping VAT 🙄

-Stonehenge NOT recommended. (Not impressed)🤐

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