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Emara Estate, Turks & Caicos 🇹🇨

Updated: May 25, 2023

You know is an amazing property when it has its own name and multiple social media accounts. It was featured on countless publications and social media. If you had a tour of the island, you’ve probably seen the place from far away or on a boat. I believe it is the only private residence that has its own beach access. Is almost a shame that this property is not a resort opening to the public because it is a stunning place. However, this is the place you want to be if you’re an A-lister/celebrity who wants total privacy. Last celebrity visited is Ciara. 🤷‍♀️

Facts/Amenities about Emara

-8 Acres with a private beach 🏝️

-17 rooms 20,000 sq ft

-Mostly king-size bedrooms, 2 x queen bed bedroom. Emara East villa, all king en suite.

-2 separate villas with connecting pathway

-Ex-owner: Prince

-Fully staffed with a butler, housekeeper, security guard, private chef, and concierge.

-Equipped with non motorized water sports equipment such as kayak, paddle boards, fishing gear, snorkeling 🤿, corn hole, beach volleyball, Tennis court, Gym, board games, and a purple pool 🎱 table!

-15 min drive from the Airport

-Multiple pools, heated pool too!

We were fortunate to travel with a fun group of friends, including the owner of this property who is so down to earth and low key couple which I respect. (If you’re reading this, thanks again for including us, no idea what we’ve done to deserve such a treat! 😆). Perhaps Emara is the only place in the world that has a purple driveway, honoring Prince. I love the fact that when you arrive there’s already Prince’s playlist playing in the background with purple cocktails waiting for you.

The current owner did a tremendous amount of renovation and did a fantastic job upkeep this place. They end up purchasing the villa next door and it is now Emara East and Emara Weat, brilliant idea! You think construction in the US is painstaking, imagine island construction service, labor, and material?! 😂 🥴🫤😰😬

I hardly see imperfection anywhere, feels like a new boutique resort! Edges around the steps, window area, and doorway, are spotless! All the staff were super friendly with genuine smiles on their faces, NOT your typical Carribean service 🥴 at all 😊…..I told Ricky(property manager) when he retires I want to take over his job because he’s the only staff that lives there for over a decade now, super friendly and accommodating!

Emara is one of the crown jewels on the island. I’ve seen a HUGE stingy ray swimming when I was eating my breakfast from the villa above! I do love how shallow the beach is so it's kid-friendly, adult supervision is still required because shark🦈 has been seen close to the beach on rare occasions.

Yes, the water is BEAUTIFUL with 50 shades of blue BUT what’s up with the sh### airports in some of the most expensive places on earth?! I remember Maldives airport was just as bad, with no global entry option, waiting area was FULL capacity and SMALL! You still have to walk outside when landing and taking off so don’t be surprised. It is more like a bus station...


If you want some action/entertainment, I strongly recommend a massage by the beach! Fastest 60min of my life 🫤. We did an ATV excursion which is NO JOKE. I was expecting a relaxing ATV cruising around the island with a few minor bumps… rain the day before our excursion, and one of our friends got TOTALLY drenched! My hands were blistered, so ladies bring some gloves 🧤and bandannas, google is a must because mud, sand, dust and small rocks do fly around. Personally I only burn the fuse twice 😬😵‍💫🫤, but what an exhilarating experience cruising around the island over serious MUD, ROCKS, and ofcoz serene beach 🏖️! One of our teammates ends up doing cliff diving 😬 on the edge of the island (Crazy white people sh##😆😬). I confirmed with our guide that no Asians have jumped yet 🤷‍♀️ 😅

I’m not a smoker but I do enjoy occasional cigars. The private cigar rolling class was an awesome experience. Deep sea fishing, jet ski, fire dancing, yoga classes can all be arranged through concierge with ex cost ofcoz. Btw Sunset at Emara is unreal! Like most Carribean islands, anywhere outside resort/hotel were a bit underdeveloped, luckily Emara has everything you need on site!


Who wants to cook while they’re on vacation?! NOT ME 😂…..luckily our private chef Adrian was a talented Jamaican chef who used to be on Top chef Canada. Desserts, local conch, and pasta were my favorite. Breakfast and snack was a little weak but dinner made it up for sure. I suggest doing buffet-style dining so you don’t stress out the staff with large groups to avoid late dinners 😬


So yes you can book this place for your self or find a group of friends who can share the cost with you online @

I definitely recommend renting 2 villas, only $2k more(don't kills me) 🤐……price arrange from 16k-25k depending on the season, but that’s a lie because you still have to add 12% tax AND any food and alcohol consumption. Min 4 nights stay, let me bring out my rustic Asian math skills 😂 ….4 nights in June…both villas 14k+12% $1680= $15680x4 night= $62720 base cost….don’t forget to tip the staff plus food, probably close to 20k/N x4= 80k/4N… But if you divide by 17 couples (goodluck finding 17 couples 😬), each couple pays around $1200/N for 4 nights, total close to $5000/couple/4N. .....So is it that bad compare to normal TC travel cost?! 🤷‍♀️ (above calculation is purely estimate). Luckily for us, everyone was fun and easy to get alone. One of my favorite trips so far! 😇


-DO buy the fast pass when you land so you can skip the HS cafeteria-like line…🥴 around $75 I think?!

-DO request specific food, allergic, alcohols request before you get there.

-Arranging activities on-site through the concierge is a must! (Shows, massages, classes…)

-Bring bug spray if you have sensitive skin.

-Make sure your have enough phone data storage because every corner is like a postercard!

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