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Lake Como 🇮🇹 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Translation.....Competition of the elegance 🥳. We were fortunate enough to be invited by A. Lange & Söhne to this amazing event for vintage cars. According to Black Platinum Gold , this is the most exclusive event in the world. #2 is Met Gala #3 Cannes film 😳🤷‍♀️

Lange is one of the main sponsors for the event. Is a huge honor and an absolute privileged experience. Is like a high-end fashion show for.....vintage cars that cost anywhere from 5-90 million!? 😬 absolute shock to me because to me they’re just OLD cars 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Great Gatsby party on an international level in 2022 for sure! Only thing that was missing is fireworks.... canceled due to the 🌧 😔

The event took place in the historical Villa d’Este which sits along the shores of Lake Como. Geologically blessed and the cleanest lake I’ve seen. However, I was more fascinated with all the people watching, all the dresses, bags, concept cars, and the amazing backdrop! You can tell all the outfits were particularly selected for the event, nothing is too fancy. I have never seen more Kellys & Birkins before in one single setting. If you’re not carrying one, you better hide your bag 😅. It was 80-90 degree sunny day but ofcoz is a formal attire, all the guys were wearing a jacket, linen jacket if they’re the smart fashionable ones. 😁 ladies are lucky enough to be able to wear our summer dresses. For once we’re not the only ones who’s suffering from fashion pain. I’m sure all the men can’t wait to get out of their suits at end of the day. 😂

So it is not a show where you can buy these $$$$$ cars, it is simply a show for all the international vintage car owners to showcase their private possession, and the winner gets to take home an amazing timepiece from Lange.


Our schedule was packed with luncheons, shows, events, and ofcoz a black tie event. That still did not stop me from trying to hunt down George Clooney like 5 times and sneak away to do some shopping. 😂 (I also heard this is where Hermès source a lot of the silks, that’s why I had to go shopping!) After an hr lake tour I honestly feel like George could do better because there are so many stunning villas in Lake Como! Some can only be reached by boat, 🤔

We stayed at Villa Maria Taglionni/Villa Maria Serena located directly across the lake from Villa e’Este. So every day we enjoy 7min boat rides across the lake 🥳🥰🤗

I’ve had like 45 James Bond moments.....

-Getting off the boat to attend events/dinners at Villa e’Este

-Walking through the long tall hallways of the villa for 🚽 😅....where you know all the staff/security guards are not staring but totally staring at you because everyone is so dressed up and glamorous.

-Spying/Searching for George Clooney 😁

-Vip Lange lounge enjoying the car show

-I’m trying really hard not to brag here 😂

Thanks again to Lange team/villa staff for all the carefully thought-out details like not putting us in Villa e’Este because of all of the loud car noises and crowds. 🙌....BTW our villa was so charmingly beautiful and sits right on the lake with boating docks. Impeccably maintained ground, 2 pools, an herbal garden, beautiful flowers, fruit trees, and rooms filled with historical paintings and furnishings. Thanks again to all the staff behind the villa/event who made our stay unforgettable.

I will always cherish those few days in Lake Como and new friendships we’ve created.

Lange makes some of the most beautiful and highly complicated watches in the world, and they truly have the most amazing passionate people behind the name.

Wilhelm, Barbara, Medhi, Emong, guys truly made us feel like friends and family, especially after a night of drinking and dancing! 😁 😘.....Sometimes is not about the company or brand, is more about the people who are behind it.

Ofcoz Margo & Justin, it was absolutely a pleasure to get to know all of you guys! 💕 (They probably will never get to see this 😂)

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Sun Jaden
Sun Jaden
Jul 23, 2022

There are two of my favorite things here, one is a car and the other is a watch. And the scenery here is very beautiful. Well, those classic vintage cars are my favorite things

Janine Lu
Janine Lu
Jul 23, 2022
Replying to

Vintage cars for sure.

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