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Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸

😋 Out of all the European nations I’ve been to, Spain is probably one of my favorite food places! No need for excessive decorating like french plating, no heavy carbs like Italy, Spain is straight-up seafood, and no BS. If you love cured meat, then you’re in for a treat like Jamón ibérico which my husband is obsessed with, be sure to finish everything because you can’t bring them back home. Yes, France and Italy are well known for their wines, but we’ve had some lovely Spanish wines that are not world-famous but just as good.

Let’s talk about the world-famous church which is still incomplete after 140 years designed by Antoni Gaudí - La Sagrada Família…..started in 1882, talking about efficiency 😂😵‍💫😬😥….am I the only person who finds the church not attractive?! 🫣🫤🤐…..looking at the exterior almost gives me a headache, looks like the building got “woodpeckered” and birds moved into those million holes and made it home🪺 (sorry!) ….interior reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”. 🤷‍♀️ I would much prefer Notre Dame in Paris or St. Peter's Basilica from Vatican city. I recommend Basilica de Santa Maria Del Mar over La Sagrada Familia, is a beautiful gothic church built in the 14th century and it is complete, about 2.4 miles from La Sagrada. 😁

Remember to check out Gaudí’s other famous creations like Casa Batlló & Casa Milà, both within walking distance from city center. Gaudí's Park Güell is a place you don’t want to miss if you’re a Gaudi fan. (very “Alice in Wonderland” vibe 😬. Above is only my personal opinion 🤷‍♀️ )

I love how the city is laid out, pedestrian-friendly, close to the water, and therefore a huge cruise ship port. So yes tons of travelers, a really good mix of city and beach! Plenty of Michelin-rated restaurants, and bars, fantastic shopping in La Rambla, and unique architecture spread throughout the city.

My favorite part of Barcelona is definitely La Rambla for 🛍 and Mercado de La Boqueria (food market)! Beware of pickpockets, and watch out for your belongings. Mercado de La Boqueria which can be traced back to 1217….. one of the best food markets I’ve been to in Europe that isn’t attracted to tourists only, it is still a popular go-to place for locals.

The current(2022) VAT rate for Spain is 21% compare to 20% in France. You can also claim tax refund electronically, thank god finally! Uber is weirdly more expensive than taxi in Barcelona, I always recommend comfortable shoe and walk around the city!

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