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Atlantis, Bahamas 🇧🇸

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We’ve been coming to Atlantis for years now and enjoy it every single time. It is now my go-to place if nothing else is planned and I’m completely happy with it. 🥰

The whole paradise island is mostly Atlantis Resort. We’ve always stayed at the Cove which is the high-end, more adult side of the resort. Tons of celebrities and famous people come here......We’ve actually ran into some of them, just normal human being with 2 eyes and a nose....🤷‍♀️

I honestly don’t mind staying at the main tower(Royal tower) since rooms has been renovated.

Cove is further away from royal tower but it is a beautiful peaceful walk through the resort. It is more private, closer to the beach, better beach chairs, and adult only pool(Cain) which is nice with loud upbeat music 😊 . I do love getting off the car and seeing the Cove lobby. So beautifully designed and grand, putting you right in vacay mode. 😊 Can be pricey, so book in advance when there’s a promotion. Gamblers do get comps, do set up your account ahead of time, but sometimes is cheaper to pay, agree? 🤷‍♀️

I love the breezeway at the Cove, the walk between towers, the clean beach, and abundant activities for everyone to enjoy. 1 kid club for smaller kids and another one for tweens and teens which was brilliant. I love to sign the kids up for the kid club and adults can have quieter dinners 🤗. Unfortunately, the kid club cost extra and certain sessions are pricier than the others. Ex: A mermaid camp that cost around $700/day, 😰🫣 Recently Atlantis offered camp under the stars… about $2k/tent….😵‍💫. Swimming with the dolphins was pretty interesting but the actual swimming part is too short in my opinion 🤔. Download the Atlantis app for daily activities and maps. Super family friendly 👍

Tons of activities for kids, family, and adults. Casino is available, but you don’t even feel it because there is a division between casino and the resort. Aquarium and dolphin 🐬 cay is obviously very family-friendly. We’ve done dolphin swimming, which is dolphins using their nose to push your ft forward....but it could have been a longer swim, their skin is slippery and squishy belly 😅😊. Don’t forget to walk around the whole resort, that could be a excursion by itself and is free!

Food is pretty good and consistent considering is an island of my fav restaurants is called Dunes at the four seasons which can be reached by offered shuttle. I am totally going to walk there on our next visit! 😎

(I’ve only forgotten like 3 times, my goldfish memory again 🙄)

OK, you have to try scorched conch or conch salad! It is my absolute fav food on the island and I even miss it when I'm back at home. Raw conch diced up with 🧅 🫑 🍅 +lime is one of the reasons I keep coming back. 😂 Mackenzie’s conch stand at the marina village is a must try! NO, fried conch doesn’t count and doesn’t justify what it is. I'm sure the island has lots of fish, but locals fried them 🥴🤨.....when is fresh fish, it should always be steamed, right?! Totally……🙄 😁

If you are visiting during the holidays, remember to book your reservations ahead of time! Our last visit is on July 4th 2021, resort was pretty packed.

Interesting fact: locals actually speak English but is REALLY hard to understand because they use SO much slang. Lots of 🛳 stops here and I believe it cost like $100/pp to visit Atlantis resort, BUT if you have a room key card just wave at the security guard and they’ll let you in....🤐

I have a strong feeling we will visit Bahamar sometimes soon hopefully. I’ve visited but never stayed there. Stay tuned I will update and do a comparison.


-short direct flight from E coast 🇺🇸

-water park


-scorched conch or conch salad 🐚 😋


-family-friendly, kid club, arcade center

-many great restaurant choices

-Accommodation for different budget levels.


- Island service...... 🤦‍♀️

-Downtown Nassau isn’t much to visit, not a lot of shops nor attractive in my opinion

-Atlantis can be pretty $$$, almost equivalent to Vegas spending

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Sun Jaden
Sun Jaden
Jul 19, 2022

Quirky but graphic 🥴🤨


Sun Jaden
Sun Jaden
Jul 19, 2022

Although I've never been to Atlantis, Bahamas , but from your description, it must be a great place for a vacation, especially don't miss the local conch. But remember, don't let the locals cook the conch or you will 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴, haha.


Chloe Yang
Chloe Yang
Jun 09, 2022

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