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Air France ✈️ La Première (1st class)

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world in coach and business class, but never first class until recently. I was expecting bigger space, better food & wine options, and maybe faster check in...but we end up being totally spoiled and wowed by Air France La Première

- Private check in area, no wait

- Privately escorted through TSA, custom, then lounge in 10-15 min?!

UPDATE: La Prairie spa isn’t available anymore, replaced with Sisley Spa only in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

-La Première(first class) only has 4 seats on our flight, 58 business, and 234 economy. Separate lounge for first class inside the lounge, only for 4 people I guess. We end up being in the same room with Micheal Douglas, he and my husband talked about wine and basketball. I guess when you’re waiting in a room with only 3 others your options were limited. 😅 sorry Micheal...

-We already had multiple course at the lounge in JFK naturally because me and my husband are like the BIGGEST total die-hard foodie in the world 🙄....had more food +🍷 on the plane again. Changed into the PJ provided and someone actually make my bed! Bed was bigger than your regular business class and room to turn. A red box with Sisley products was gifted 😊, food was carefully selected....If you ever want to do a water tasting 😅.....lounge in CDG only offer like 10 different types of h2o you can sample. 😂 💦

-The most AMAZING part....we land with an assistant waiting outside the gate then drives us through the airport for custom then baggage, got us a car in about 10min?! 😲 Entire duration without any sort of wait....baggage was first to arrive, usually international arrival takes a while so that’s very impressive!

-Return flight, car, and facial was prebooked. Enjoyed a free 30m facial in Sisley spa inside La Première lounge. Unfortunately, our return plane got switched to a plane with no first-class due to a technical issue so we were downgraded to business class which was totally fine because we are still able to use the lounge and expedited check-in/departure and arrival. Flight attendant apologized to us like 5 different times 😂... We landed, again another person "guided" us through custom and luggage, was outside the terminal in 15-20 min?

-Air France is the only airline that provide a personal assitant with custom and luggages. I was surprised to receive same type of treatment when we land because we're not in France anymore.

-Other perks....You never know who you're going to ran into at the La Première lounge. My husband was in shock when he saw some people in the high end watch world on the way back (I had no idea who they were 🙄).....They even helped with my VAT tax return which was super helpful! Sometimes line can be long and they do ask you to show them what you bought sometimes which is annoying and painful to open up the luggages!

I was searching La Première Air France and ended up with very little info so I made this my first blog and hopefully you find it useful.


-Amex points is a great way to book any types of airfares!

-If your travel plans isn’t 100% certain do buy travel insurancea, totally worth it! -I always travel in comfort when it comes to international travels, make sure your passport doesn't expire for at least 6 more months! -Arrive early at the airport to do your VAT refunds and more shopping at the airport. 😉

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