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Rome 🇮🇹

Updated: May 29, 2023

Rome.....I do love Rome but is not a city I would like to go back to again....but then I went back like 3 times....🤷‍♀️. That's the beauty of life sometimes you never know where or whom you're going to meet unintentionally.

The first time I went to Rome by myself was in my early twenties. OMG beware of Italian men! They are the most passionate creatures. I was approached by so many which I’m sure gave me a huge confidence/ego boost in my early twenties 😅......If you're looking for romance in Europe especially just you or on a girl's trip, so easy to fall in love! However sadly.....I was there only for the city walking like 10 miles a day with a map in my hand(GPS hasn’t arrived yet).

Rome is one of those cities you need to walk around to get to know it. Let’s talk about the great Colosseum..... 🙄🥴😒😬.....If there isn’t a wait why not because it is one of the seven wonders of our world....but if the lines are long....😕.....I would skip it because to me outside structure is much more magnificent than the inside which was mostly ruins and unwanted grass growing. I’ve been inside once and will never again.

Did you know you can walk to a different country in like 30min? Vatican City is perhaps one of the tiniest countries in the 🌎 . Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is THE most stunning cathedrals I’ve been to! It took over a century to complete and I can see it in every detail. Beware the line can be very long to get in, so I would suggest avoiding prime time....go early in the morning or late afternoon. Btw entrance is free 😊. Hate to say this but I would skip Castel Sant'Angelo because Rome and Vatican City have so much to offer and see already, but of coz if you have plenty of time and energy, sure why not!

Now the most important topic is good foods! We travel for food, so good local cuisine is really important for us. Luckily I have a husband who speaks international menu (one of the many reasons I keep him around 🤣)

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali....located in the city center run by a multi-generation family for a very long time. We were so impressed with the food we came back again yrs later with my family only to find out they were closed(on vacation). I was totally devastated! 🥺

I love and hate yelp, you can find many great restaurants, but sometimes star ratings can be misguiding. Best of the city list restaurants, I would avoid the top 1 or 2, go for the other ones usually they didn’t pay enough for advertisement and are actually more focused on food.


-Colosseum, ONLY go inside if the line is short

-Do walk around Rome, comfy shoe, small and lightweight bag.

-Vatican City, avoid the primetime wait. Skip Castel Sant'Angelo (sorry!)

-Take a break sit on the Spanish steps and enjoy people watching!

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