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Las Vegas 🇺🇸

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Las Vegas… should visit at least once in your lifetime. It IS the ultimate destination for indulgence, entertainment, shows, the best dining, spa, world-class hotel, and shopping! Vegas is transitioning to a destination rather than just a casino town. Here, you can find reasonable prices for the best hotel rooms, if you are a big gambler, you’re going to be absolutely spoiled by the casino/resort (Don’t ask me how I know this 😂). It truly is a fantasyland for adults, and maybe even kids too…..(continue reading)

I’ve stayed in most of the big-name resorts on the strip because unfortunately, my parents are gamblers 🤦‍♀️. So far my favorite has been Encore/Wynn, Cosmopolitan, and Venetian/Plazzo! Encore is the most luxurious, Cosmopolitan is modern and the only resort that has a balcony. Venetian/Palazzo offers the most spacious accommodations with excellent Chinese restaurants which I love. Resort World is the newest addition with awesome nightclub and day club, but the street food is quite disappointing and needed to improve….😬🫤


Wynn and Palazzo has some of the best food options

1. Mott 32 (Venetian) authentic Chinese

2. Mizumi (Wynn) Japanese

3. X-Pot (Venetian) Luxury Hotpot 火锅

4. Milo's (Cosmopolitan) Mediterranean seafood

Surprisingly there is a Ding Tai Feng 鼎泰丰, if you like ShangHai soup dumbling is a must try place located in Aria, book IN ADVANCE!

Yes, Vegas spending is no joke, but luckily off the strip has many great restaurant offerings too! Izakaya Go, Shigotonin, the magic noddles….be sure to check out yelp to make sure is still operating. It even has a Chinatown!


Some of my best spa experiences are in Vegas. I love the tranquility of Encore spa, the creative shower and sauna experience in Resort World, luxurious massages in Cosmopolitan. BUT I also LOVE my $60 massage from Mutao (木道)

I had a few hours to kill before flight and the spa at resort world was fully booked so I end up at Mutao getting a 90min massage + 60-foot massage + 30min Thai hair wash/massage, perfect ending to my Vegas trip! All the therapists were professional and excellent. The price I’ve paid for all of those services will probably only get me a 60 min massage at the strip. When you get a massage, 60 min flies by quickly, and some places only offer 50min massages, cheating! 🙄🫤


Vegas is probably the only place in the world where you can find almost 10 LV stores within 3mi radius, crazy! Lots of luxury shop options, head to the Ceseara Forum Shops

for more mixed class retail therapy. If you’re a bargain shopper, head to Las Vegas premium outlet, love stores like Neiman Marcus last call, Burberry, Armani.....Schedule your visit carefully, it is an outdoor shopping in the desert, can be HOT!


Being Asian myself, I don’t get impressed easily by the shows because I’ve seen some of the best acrobatic performances when I was in Asia. I've almost fallen asleep during Cirque du Soleil, O (Bellagio), and DID fall asleep during Blueman when I was in London, 😬😬😬…….However, I was impressed by le Reve @ Wynn but unfortunately Covid sort of put an end to that show. If I have to recommend something it will have to be David Copperfield! I was totally blown away and that was almost 15 years ago, I would go see him with my family again next visit.


I had so much fun at Tao Ceasar palace in my 20s dancing to LMAFO on stage, Paris+Nicky Hilton nearby. I love it when there’s a celebrity DJ, they will most likely to have special guest appearances which is pretty cool and you never know whom to expect. Bottle service can cost you, but I’ve been stopped by Club promoters giving out free tickets and they actually do work! 😂 A group of girls can get into a club a lot easier than a group of guys, go figure 🙄. I remember us(all girls) partied at XS and were invited to a after party, transportation was a hummer limo, wonder if I can still pull that off with my husband next to me 😂

My last Club experience was at Zouk

@Resort World. A younger crowd which is what you want in a club. Honestly, every club can be fun when you’re with the right people and doing it the right way. I’ve been to clubs where I see a much older crowd and a pregnant girl which was SUPER weird and so not appropriate! (Not in Vegas) 🥴🫤😒

Day clubs are fun if you’re not too hungover. Eat before you go in because food is $$$$. Beware of the pools, you might come out pregnant! 😬🤐🤣😅😆


I had this brilliant idea of spending Christmas in Vegas with kids and it was amazing! The most extravagant Christmas decorations are everywhere. Each resort has something unique to offer. Friendly kid pools, shows, and even an indoor theme park! Shark Reef Aquarium

Located in Mandalay Bay, Adventuredom

An indoor theme park @Circus Circus 🤡 which is probably my favorite, best theme park ticket I’ve ever spent because there was hardly any wait during Christmas time. Don't miss out on zipline and Faris wheel at the LINQ

There’s so much to do for families in Vegas!

Hoover dam, Grand Canyon (helicopter tour), shockingly there is a ski resort 30-40 miles NW of Vegas for snow lovers during winter times.


Best hotels, dining, entertainment, spa, clubs, and shopping!

Outdoor hiking, animal lover, adventure seeker, food hunter, honestly Vegas has it all!



-weed smell throughout the whole strip 😵‍💫

-steaming HOT during summer 🫠

Go with the right people to Vegas 😉

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