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HongKong 香港 🇭🇰🇨🇳

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

My last visit to HK was a girls trip in 2019 first day when the riot happened which to me is complete BS (mostly college students manipulated by western politics). 🤐 Real estate in HK is insane comparable to NYC, London, and Tokyo don’t expect your hotel rooms to be big. It is very common for hotels to offer 2 twin-size beds.

Marriott reward statue really gets you a lot of benefits, especially in Asia (others too I’m sure, but I’m only familiar with Marriott). I had the black Riz Carlton CC and automatically gave me platinum statue which sadly Marriott does not offer anymore....I maximize that benefit in our HK/China trip in 2019. We traveled with young kids and the club access was really helpful. Food and snacks were provided throughout the day at the lounge. In US, VERY few hotels offer club lounges, even if they did.....there isn’t much to offer unlike Asia. I have never seen a more crowded club lounge than Renaissance HK Harbour View hotel. Food was locally inspired and the view is amazing. We stayed at Renaissance Harbour View and JW Marriott, both were excellent choice If you want to stay this side of HK.

If you want the best night view of HK be sure to stay across from the island. On my next visit, we’re going to stay at the Ritz Carlton HK for sure because it is situated 118 floors above the city in Kowloon’s international commerce center. Excellent dim sum restaurant called Tin Lung Heen 天龙轩, again amazing views of the city and water. We didn’t have enough time otherwise I would totally hike to the top of mountain, but I guess view on top of 102th fl isn’t so bad either. 😊

Causeway bay (铜锣湾) was a bit of a disappointment for me maybe because I was comparing it to time square NYC 😅 which isn’t fair. After all, HK is much smaller than NYC. Most people in HK speak/understand some English, so if you don’t speak Chinese you can still get by in HK.

To be honest, I feel like HK is a little run down because it was developed early on compare to the rest of Asia. There hasn’t been major changes to the city in a decade or 2. 😬

(btw Renaissance HK harbour view hotel sauna has the best view I’ve seen for sauna 😆 )

Dos & Don’t

-Ritz Carlton HK if budget allows. -Eat, Eat, and Eat! -Do not recommend HK Disney, no castle, difference energy.

-Shop in small private boutiques, bargaining is a skill! 😉

-Hotel statue actually mean something here

-Do the Hike! -Have fun!!! 😘

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